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INTEGRO Final Conference – Nicosia 27. & 28. May 2015


On 27 and 28 of May 2015, at the Holiday Inn, Nicosia, was held the European conference of the transnational project INTEGRO entitled “Effective integration of migrants in the local communities”

The INTEGRO Project ( aimed at advancing, through an interactive way, cooperation between all relevant stakeholders, including migrants themselves, for the promotion of the effective integration of migrants.The project is funded by the European Commission and implemented by organizations from the Czech Republic (SIMI) , Germany (CfE),  Northern Ireland (NICEM), Austria (RA TV) and Cyprus (KISA).


The Conference aimed to ensure dissemination of the project results, both locally and EU wide, to all stakeholders involved in the integration process. More specifically, the final Conference included the presentation of the national projects of all partners, discussion of their results and the impact of these initiatives at local level, discussion of integration strategies and, lastly, presentation of the final project report.

K640_DSCF7160The project is based on the principles of the respect for human rights and cultural diversity, the promotion of equality and combating discrimination, through the exchange of expertise, knowledge, information and best practices.

You can find the brochure of the project in six different languages: Turkish, Serbian, Arabic, English, French and German. BROCHURE HERE