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From the end of the colonial era until now, many African countries have been the destination of charity donations and many forms of aid, mainly from former colonial masters. But lately some more European civil institutions, ONGs, International organizations etc have contributed to boost the aid flow to Africa at the point that a kind of dependency on charity has instilled in some countries.
However, as stated by activists and representatives of these aid organizations worldwide, such as the London based OXFAM, which is for years, involved in these humanitarian help campaign to ease the suffering in African countries, charity and donations are not the solution to the African continent development problem. Unanimously, all providers of those multiple forms of help, especially to south Saharan African countries, agree that investment in partnership in real and concrete development activities with African government and private entities, are the best way to help Africans get rid of help.
Many experts interested in solving the African development enigma, advise cooperation in form of investment rather than donation. It is time to involve the imagination and responsibility of all actors, African leaders implicitly and Europeans as well, in partnerships as the way of sharing responsibilities with Africans on the field of the continent’s development process.