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Integration on the ground

Laufzeit: Jänner 2014 – Juni 2015 / From January 2014 to June 2015


The idea

INTEGRO’s objective is to conceptualise, develop and test inclusive pilot integration projects following the guidelines of the toolkit Working on integration on the local level, developed by the European Network Against Racism.

Each project partner conceptualises a pilot integration project according to local needs, political contexts, present migrant communities and specific fields of activity. INTEGRO is co-financed by the European Commission’s European Integration Fund. 

What do we mean by “integration” in this project? 

Integration is a term that received different meanings through time. Although many other terms were derived from integration, there are still different approaches being used for the specific term. Read More

Discover more

You can find the brochure with the information about the project and the pilot project of Radio Afrika TV in six languages: Arabic, French, English, German, Serbian, Turkish HERE

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  • Africans in comparison with others migrants (in german) – Read Here and here
  • Turkish entrepreneurs can now run in elections of the Chamber of Commerce in Austria – Read Here
  • New measures in the area of integration (training and recognition of qualifications) in Austria – Read Here
  • Commission makes progress on a European Agenda on Migration – Brussels, March 2015 – Read more
  • Towards a Comprehensive European Migration Policy: 20 years of EU Action – Brussels, March 2015 – Read more


Update:Final Conference – Nicosia 27-28 May 2015

K640_DSCF7155On 27 and 28 of May 2015, at the Holiday Inn, Nicosia, was held the final conference of INTEGRO.

The Conference aimed to ensure dissemination of the project results, both locally and EU wide, to all stakeholders involved in the integration process. More specifically, the final Conference included the presentation of the national projects of all partners, discussion of their results and the impact of these initiatives at local level, discussion of integration strategies and, lastly, presentation of the final project report.



Update:Report from the Workshop

Report: WorkshopDealing with racism and discrimination through investigative journalistic methods

2015.integro worjshop.logo 

Update:Workshop zu “Journalistische Methoden im Umgang mit Diskriminierung und Rassismus”

Am 20. und 21. Februar 2015 findet unser Workshop zu “Journalistische Methoden im Umgang mit Diskriminierung und Rassismus” statt, zu dem wir herzlich einladen.

Referenten sind u.a. Florian Klenk (Chefredakteur der Falter) und Igor Hauzenberger (Dokumentarfilmer u.a. “Refugee-Bewegung”). Ergebnis des Workshops werden von euch gestaltete ‘TV-Beiträge zu Diskriminierungsfällen in Wien sein, die tatsächlich passiert sind. Technische Unterstützung bekommt ihr natürlich vom Team von Radio Afrika TV!

Wir freuen uns auf zahlreiche Anmeldungen (Anmeldeschluss: 15.2. 2015) unter! (TeilnehmerInnenanzahl ist beschränkt, Teilnahme ist bei Produktion eines Beitrags kostenlos). Details finden sich im Anhang bzw. stehe ich für weitere Fragen gerne zur Verfügung! hier Anhang downloaden.


Update: Second INTEGRO partner Newsletter

To view the second INTEGRO partner Newsletter, please click HERE


Update: First INTEGRO partner Newsletter

To view the first INTEGRO partner Newsletter, please click HERE

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